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The exhibition in the phone box gallery is live!

Et voilà, after a few hours suffering in the hot (and humid) weather, thanks to Mr Flibble‘s help, the Prickwillow exhibition is live. The hanging was quite perilous, but it sort of looks like what I envisaged, so I am quite pleased, overall. However it isn’t to everyone’s taste: a villager even took the time […]

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Exhibiting in a phone Box

Next week, I will exhibit in the Prickwillow phone box, in the Art Gallery created by Nick Edell. This is such a fun project it was difficult not to be tempted to take part: But when time came to select the pieces to exhibit, I realized it wouldn’t be that easy. For a start, I […]

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Last day of Open studios… come and see me for iPad sketching tips

I am preparing for my last day of the Cambridge Open studios… fortunately, the weather is rather fair, so I can reasonably expect my outside paintings to stay dry. It is so nice to show people around, and have a cup of tea in the garden whilst talking about what I do, and my techniques. I would […]

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New date for the Art Auction: Saturday 16th of July

The art auction organised by Alice Clough  in support of  The Christina Noble Children’s Foundation and Cam-Mind I blogged about in May was reschedule to the 16th of July, in a bigger place: the Haddenham Galleries, at 6.30. The viewing will be accompanied with food, drink and live music. It is a real shame I will be to […]

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Soon the Cambridge Open Studio and still not clear on what to paint…

A few months ago, I registered for the Cambridge Open studios, happening  July. At the time, it felt like a good idea. I still think it was a good idea, but I start to feel the pressure to produce more new paintings. Unfortunately, my 3650 project has a funny/weird influence on what I do: where […]

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