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Exhibiting in a phone Box

Next week, I will exhibit in the Prickwillow phone box, in the Art Gallery created by Nick Edell. This is such a fun project it was difficult not to be tempted to take part: http://www.thephoneboxgallery.org

But when time came to select the pieces to exhibit, I realized it wouldn’t be that easy.

For a start, I wonder if the painting will resist to hot/wet/undefined weather conditions… but I hope acrylics is quite resilient… But more importantly, looking at all the measurements, it became obvious that only two of my canvases would fit in the space available!

So I specially created 3 new paintings (I am actually making a forth one just in case) nice and long to fit the windows…

I will post some photos later, but for the moment I am laminating what I hope will fit in the windows :)

Here is a mock-up of what it *should* look like from the outside. The paintings should be visible from the cracks…

the PhoneBox Gallery - Miss Embe mockup

the mock-up for the artwork... I hope it will work OK.

So, if you’d like to see the lastest embe’s, head off to Prickwillow in August!

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