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Vibrant paintings to brighten your home.

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Sculpting the light with acrylics…

My name is Marine. By day, I'm a UX designer in Cambridge. Software design is great, but lacks some tangibililty somewhat. So creating “real” things with proper texture provides sanity in the digital day to day. Nothing like having dirty fingers to be anchored with the here and now. 

Most of my paint work is acrylics on canvas applied with knives for practical reasons (I don't have a proper studio, so drying times of acrylics are more convenient, and knives are easy to clean!). I’ve also done some fun projects resulting in illustrations exhibited locally, which are available for sale in my gallery.

After a couple of years without creative juices, I'm about to embark in a new era of experimentation with different techniques and materials. I'll aim to document things on this site, in hope this might be useful source of inspiration for others. 

…and projects to make people smile.


The time I went postal

A little while ago, picking up my mail, I realised that during the few previous year, only bills and adverts made it through my letter box in these digital times…

This made me sad, as I missed the charm of hand written letters. I realised I wasn’t the only one so I set up to send letters to random strangers.


Illustration challenge

My colleague (and writer) Lucy and I decided to start a project together. I asked her to write and send me a sentence every Monday morning and I would send her back a related illustration by the following Sunday.

We were not allowed to talk about it. Just communicating via sentences and drawings, for a full year.

Result? 52 images that I exhibited in Cambridge as a Limited prints edition, available in my gallery shortly, should you wish to buy one…


Ipad drawing

A the time the Ipad got out, I was very intetested in it’s potential for sketching digitally, so I tried drawing live, or making some illustrations on the go.