A new new start

Here I am. 

This as been a year and a half without proper creative project. Last one was my 100 letters to strangers. Time and head space have been taken by too many things: building works in the house, heath issue, change of work... and this left me in a poor creative space. 

But I'm about to kick myself in the backside and this site is the first step to do something about it. I know too well that the first thing to be creative is not to have an idea: it's to start. So I'm not sure about what I'll do, but I'm starting now. 

And because it's public, there is no way back! It's possible that people who followed me on flickr a few years back might find themselves here now. If you are one of them, thank you. It means a lot. 

Right. Lets get started. 

- embe.

marine barbaroux